Why should I mix my Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a new way to make transactions, but there are some security concerns. You can buy bitcoins and use them however you want once they're in your possession. Transactions are monitored on the Blockchain or global ledger tracking transactions, so it's easy to see how much money a person has transferred between parties. Your identity is also tied to every transaction because of its open nature, so you need high-quality mixers that work quickly and at scale. This also protects individual privacy as security improves over time.

In order to solve the increased scrutiny that Bitcoin faces, a secure and high-quality mixer is needed. This will ensure that an individual's transactions cannot be traced due to being mixed with many other transactions. Privacy is ensured in this way, because security for each transaction increases as well. The chance for Liberty, Privacy, and Freedom of individuals from around the world also increases as security for each transaction becomes stronger.

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